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Change that we can all be a part of


Being included is important to all of us. Let’s make sure the voices of the people of Langford are heard so we can all contribute to positive progress in our community.

Making change together.

I am very excited to run for Council and have the chance to represent the residents of Langford.

In my 13 years living in Langford we have lost so much green space, development has grown too fast for services to keep up, traffic is brutal and our infrastructure is starting to strain.

This October 15th I would like to be your voice at Council to help make changes that we can all be part of.

Top priorities

Review of impacts

A comprehensive review of services and infrastructure to evaluate the impact of the rapid development of Langford.

Measured development

A slow-down on rezoning and building permits for projects over 3 storeys until an impact review is complete. All new projects assessed for cumulative impact in the area.

Community Consultation

Consult with community members, ecologists and environmental experts on environmental damage in Langford and how to repair it.

A plan for the future

Create a better way forward – informed by the impact review and consultation – to bring balance back to Langford.

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My Story

After high school in Moncton, New Brunswick, I went to college in Ontario for theatre and then joined the Canadian Armed Forces. During my 34 years of service I completed two operational tours of duty – one in Egypt when 9/11 happened and the second in Israel. 

My military service provided me with valuable experience that I feel grateful to have obtained; practical leadership, organizational skills, personnel management and priority / time management among other skills. I was posted to CFB Esquimalt in 2009 and found a home here in Langford. One of my last posts was with the HMCS PROTECTEUR for five years until she was decommissioned after an engine room crippled her.

During my service years I married my wonderful wife Wanda and this year we will be celebrating 36 years together. We pretty much live in each other’s back pocket and our greatest enjoyment if travelling.  We have three grown children, with two of them living in Langford and the other in the US. I currently work full time in the public service as a financial officer with the Department of National Defence. In my free time you find me enjoying the great outdoors – gardening, hiking and bike riding.

Support my campaign

I can’t get to City Hall without your help!  Be part of the change to make Langford a better place. Your donation will go a long way to provide signage, handouts and events among other items that are needed for a campaign. Thanking you in advance for your contribution.

Donate to Mark

Talk to me, Langford!

Communication is key to any good organization. I want to know what’s important to you, what direction you want to see Langford take and what your priorities are for our town. Let me know!

Get in touch

Support from the community

"I have known Mark for the past 12 years and met when we served together in the Royal Canadian Navy. He’s been a fantastic shipmate, mentor and friend, readily available to provide support and friendship.

Mark deeply cares about his community and can deliver leadership and experience giving a fresh new perspective that would benefit Langford, moving forward to create improvements that are in harmony with residents and our environment.

I whole heartedly support Marks candidacy for City Councillor."

- Andrew Chadwick, Langford Resident

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark for the past three and a half years, and getting to know him well during that time. Langford has been his home for many years, and he is passionate about the changes that he and many others want to see in this Community. I have no doubt that if Mark is elected he will be a strong force in making Langford a better place to live. I know he will be a true representative of the people; he will take to heart the issues that we are concerned about, and do his best to implement them. He is knowledgeable, ethical and has the motivation to effect improvement in key areas, such as infrastructure, protection of green spaces, urban planning that is well thought out, and many other issues that are fundamental to the daily lives and commutes of all citizens of Langford. I therefore endorse Mark Morley for Langford City Councillor!

- Karen Brady, Langford resident

Mark is proudly endorsed by Langford Now

a grassroots community movement for an accountable Langford that balances development with infrastructure, social, and environmental needs.

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Want to see a sweeping change in Langford?

This October, vote for Mark along with all of Langford Now’s endorsed candidates to ensure that your voice is heard at city hall with a balanced, progressive council that listens to YOU!


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Change that we can all be a part of: being included is important to all of us. Let’s ensure the voices of the people of Langford are heard so we can all contribute to positive progress in our community.
Change that we can all be a part of: being included is important to all of us. Let’s ensure the voices of the people of Langford are heard so we can all contribute to positive progress in our community.